Quality education is the cornerstone to our children’s success. We believe that quality education should be available to all children and we work tirelessly to ensure that our pricing is affordable and delivers quality that is second to none.

Pricing for private teaching and home work tutoring are below. Pricing listed is for each 50 minute session as is in the local currency.

To give our students maximum flexibility and versatility, the purchased sessions are not restriction to any subject or session type. E.g. You can choose to have a mix of Lessons and Homework tutoring as  needs arise.

Introducing our new NCEA Fast Track Program. This is NCEA exam preparation designed to help give you the boost you need to excel. This is the best, and quickest possible way to prepare for NCEA. Send us a completed old NCEA exam and we will mark it for you and work with you on where you went wrong and how to improve. Each session is split between roughly 30 minute marking and 20 minute feedback and tips, and is designed to cover any single achievement standard for NCEA 1 through to 3 externals.

We have some of the best, most affordable pricing on the market and in most cases are prices are more affordable than group learning or computer assisted learning.

Talk to us today and accelerate your child’s learning into the stratosphere!

  • Session type
  • Homework Tutoring All ages
  • Private Lessons Years 1-9
  • Private Lessons Years 9-13
  • NCEA Fast Track
  • Individual Sessions
  • 20 credits @ $20
  • 40 Credits @ $40
  • 50 Credits @ $50
  • 70 Credits @ $70
  • 10x Session packs
  • 200 credits @ $170
  • 400 credits @ $300
  • 500 credits @ $350
  • 700 credits @ $500