Our private lessons are the very best way to help your child master and excel at school. Like a classroom our teachers are trained, registered teachers with years of teaching experience. Unlike the classroom your child will have the complete and undivided attention of our teacher for the entire session. This means only pertinent, necessary and timely  information will be given and no wasted time, confusion or boredom!

Individualized learning approach in detail:

The student will be assigned a qualified, registered teacher with a minimum of 3 plus classroom experience based on the registration form/meeting and any requests made to us.

We match this information to the best teacher available in the requested time slot, ensuring that the teacher is experienced in teaching at the correct year level and ability levels required.

All our teachers are specialists. This means that  they only teach in their subject area and not across subjects. experienced in K12 (USA) , NCEA (NZ), F-10 (Australia), as well as Cambridge and IB.

The first lesson

At the first meeting, the teacher will conduct a diagnostic assessment to determine the level of the student. Based on the assessment result, the teacher will create a session plan for at least 3 months that will uplift the learner 1 to 2 level ahead from the learner’s current level.

From this assessment, the teacher will make a personalized session plan aligned with the student’s abilities. You may contact us at any time to discuss/request changes this curriculum if you feel you would like more focus in any particular areas.

The lessons

On the second meeting, it is the start of the personalised session plan made by the teacher. Each 50 minute lesson is:

  • Personalised – the teacher’s lesson plan, and teaching strategy will be based on the learning style of the learner.
  • Interactive – the teacher will provide a variety of activities that engaged learner’s interest to learn. Another advantage of interactive learning, the teacher immediately assessed if the learner understands the lesson.
  • Reinforced – additional assignments will be given through email after each session to reinforce the learning from the lesson
  • Summarised for the parents – a summary of the lesson and key points will be sent to the parents alongside the additional assignments so the parents can stay up to date with the learning without needing to be at the sessions.

Term evaluations

At the end of every assessment plan (term) a test and a review will be conducted with the student and a report sent to the parents. This will help form the basis of future study plans.

Collaboration with parents is of the utmost importance to us. At the end of the lessons:

  • The teacher will send the assessment report through email and made a schedule of appointment to the parents to further discuss the plan for their child’s learning.
  • Parents are free to suggest modification on the session plan made by the teacher if they think that it will be the best for their child.
  • A request for a change in the schedule’s session should be communicated with us 7 days before.

Your feedback is always highly appreciated and you are welcome to have a quick chat with the teacher at the end of every lesson.