Teacher Alae, is a qualified and licensed teachers specialising in the teaching of French language. Teacher Alae holds a licensed in French studies and education – the French equivalent of a bachelor of education.

Alae is an extremely accomplished, talented teacher and covers all aspects of language acquisition – grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking. She has over 4 years of classroom teaching experience and this experience enables her to build rapid rapport and remarkable results for her students.

During her teaching career, Alae has led many education initiatives , she had the opportunity to teach communication 4 languages, including French, Germany, Spanish and Dutch.

As a  teacher, I was happy when my students from different ages talked to me and thanked me for helping them in their studies, they were happy in achieving greater success in  studying.

Alae’s licence degree is NZQA equivalent to bachelor in linguistics and bachelor in education.

Personally Alae is warm, talented and loves seeing her students do well at the French language and she wishes for them a successful career in their studies .