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Teacher Floricel (Bachelor Communication) and TESOL holder is an experienced english and IELTS teacher beloved by all her students. Teacher Floricel has 9+ years of teaching experience, and 7 years of online teaching experience. In this time She has been passionately and patiently teaching students of all ages, from beginners to advanced levels, from kids […]



Teacher Alae, is a qualified and licensed teachers specialising in the teaching of French language. Teacher Alae holds a licensed in French studies and education – the French equivalent of a bachelor of education. Alae is an extremely accomplished, talented teacher and covers all aspects of language acquisition – grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking. […]


Teacher Tony (Bachelor of Secondary teaching, Master of Education Management) is a passionate, experienced senior science teacher with exemplary qualifications. Tony is a dedicated, trained, registered teacher specialising in science. She has over 6 years classroom teaching experience and over 1 years online teaching experience all in science teaching. In her tenure as 1on1 teacher, […]

Free last minute exam cram sessions!

Exams are starting and we know you are all stressed, so we are here to help! From now until your exam, you can book a FREE, group cram online session with an expert registered teacher. The catch? You have to invite 4 friends to do the lesson with you and they can’t have done the […]

Tips to avoid procrastination

Procrastination delays or avoids doing what you have to do. Naturally, sometimes put off. However, excessive procrastination can lead to feelings of guilt for not completing a task when it should be done. This can also be troubling, as the task still needs to be completed. In addition, excessive delay can lead to poor performance […]